SPARK - gonna open your mind

Definition: - To initiate thought. To provoke interest and awareness.

Translation: - To create interest in and knowledge of the living God by showing His character and His love in practical everyday applications.

SPARK is the role of the Factory and is exactly what you think. It’s that twinkle in the eye of someone watching something almost unbelievable displayed and explained right before their very eyes. It’s having simple truths unveiled and described in a way that people “get it.” It’s a spectacular delivery of an amazing message. It’s a full-court press of all things media to drive home a point. It’s pushing the boundaries of sensory overload in order to compete with Disney® and Nickelodeon®. It’s a place kids wake their parents up to go.

SPARK is the perfect combination of the Package and the Place. It’s an environment and an attitude that screams look at me! It’s a crazy, colorful collection of graphics, photos, lights, sounds, and videos that are somewhere between a theme park and a concert. Think of words like wondrous, magical, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and irresistible. It’s that special SPARK that gets and keeps kids’ attention.

People are always asking why the loud music? Why the flashy lights? Why the crazy characters? Isn’t the message enough? My answer is “No, the message is not enough.” (I’ll pause as you catch your breath and go grab your pitchforks.) The message is not enough because if it’s not being received it’s of no value. Why do you think there was a Great Commission? Why do you think God had prophets and Jesus had disciples? TO DELIVER THE MESSAGE! And that’s what we’re doing at the Factory. It’s the same message it’s always been, it’s just a different delivery - a new method to reach our friends, our neighbors and most of all our children. We will use whatever tools we can find to get the Message to the people.

Even though this may seem like “just” entertainment, don’t be fooled. This is not smoke and mirrors, snake-oil or hocus-pocus; its Biblically-based virtues delivered in a simple and practical way. It’s everyday application of core values given to us by God and exemplified by Jesus. We want to present Truth in a way everyone can understand. SPARK is the time and the place we get to spend with parents and children teaching basic Biblical principles and core Christian virtues. We not only want to open a child’s mind to the greatness of God, but also to open a parent’s mind to the awesome role they serve in guiding and nurturing their children’s spiritual growth.

We want to make sure others are as excited about Jesus and the God of the universe as we are. We want to make sure people’s minds are blown away knowing the incredible lengths God has gone to show and share His love. We want adults to experience God on a personal and meaningful level. And we want kids to know God is cooler than movie stars, more awe inspiring than athletes, wiser than their friends and stronger than any superhero they could ever dream up. Simply put, God is AWESOME!

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