MOLD - gonna put stuff in

Definition: - To form into a particular shape. To guide the growth or development of. To influence

Translation: - To be very intentional about the spiritual development of our lives and the lives of our children and to transform people into all that God has planned for them.

MOLD is the role of the parent. There are no two ways about it; God has clearly placed the responsibility of molding a child in the hands of a parent. Since parents all feel overwhelmed and inadequate at times; we want to provide them with tools, encouragement and reminders to keep them on track. Parents spend A LOT of time and energy in the areas of physical, mental and emotional growth, yet they to often neglect the only growth that really matters – spiritual. As parents are helping their children grow, we want to make sure they are putting the right stuff in – first!

Did you know that most spiritual beliefs are formed by the age of 13 and that moral foundations are largely in place by age 9? In fact, the most influential years are from age 3 through age 9, what we like to call the Sticky 7 ™. During this time things just seem to “stick” to kids and if parents are not intentional about what sticks, their kids will end up thinking all the things the world tells them are “normal” and “expected.” Therefore we encourage parents to focus on molding their child’s spiritual values and core beliefs while they have the most influence, during the “Sticky 7 ™.”

The Bible clearly places the role of spiritual guidance in the hands of the parents. And it doesn’t take long to see the divine wisdom in this arrangement. Parents have over 5,000 influential waking hours over a child in a given year, whereas a church may have only 50 hours. So rather than attempting to cram God into 50 hours, it makes more sense to spend our 50 hours creating a Place and a Package to help parents.

With this in mind, Family Factory® feels that what happens at home is far more important than what happens in church (or at the Factory itself). Thus, we STRONGLY encourage parents to attend the Factory with their children in order to share in this spiritually focused time together. This allows parents to make practical application of the lessons the rest of their week or month. See, The Factory is a tool, a starting point, and a reminder for parents to focus on formation.

Family Factory® is not just entertainment, its enlightenment; and its not just production its participation. We want parents to know their God-given roles as spiritual mentors and leaders of their children. We want parents to embrace the precious years they have as influential guardians. We want to equip parents as they strive to become better and better. We want to encourage kids to know God and to form a personal relationship with Him. We don’t just want generations of believers; we want kids who live their faith.

A Note about Families:
As it is in our name, Family is first and foremost. In fact, without the family, there can be no Family Factory®. So protecting the family is another key aspect of the MOLD. We must encourage parents to become better parents; better husbands and better wives. We want to constantly remind and emphasize the importance of strengthening marriages and maintaining healthy homes. Family Factory® judges success by seeing families grow closer to God together.

A Note to Parents:
As you can see from the layout of the gears, no one can connect your child to God like you can. God has placed your child in your care for a reason. All the “churching” in the world is not as powerful as a parent’s involvement. Great sermons and songs can never replace the role-model shown in the home. Become active. A passive parent allows the world to raise their children through TV, movies, schools, friends and child-care facilities. And believe me, that world does not care about the eternal life of your child; it only wishes to take captive that which belongs to God.

Believe it or not, it is your role and your responsibility. So, if you need to grow up some yourself – grow up! If you feel “in over your head” – join the crowd! If this is all new to you – we’re here to help! So find a local Factory and stop by.

Remember, it’s not too late to start but it IS too late to wait.

There is a lot of good material (books, seminars, conferences, workshops, websites, etc.) on the reasons behind the rekindled emphasis on returning parents to their God-given roles.
If you’d like to share this vision with your group, we offer a 2-4 hour workshop called “We’re Packing Their Bags” that walks people through this concept and philosophy. We have also developed logos for Parent Factory, Marriage Factory, Mom Factory and Dad Factory to encourage and remind you to be intentional in those areas as well.

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