FORGE - gonna make it stick

Definition: - To form permanently. To instill and make complete. To finalize a process.

Translation: - To make permanent the relationship between themselves and God through Jesus.

FORGE is your child being permanently changed by God. Given the proper instruction when they are young, accompanied by your example at home and “in life;” God will certainly become real and personal to your children. It’s well documented that what a child believes by the age of 12 is largely what they will believe for life. Right now your child is being forged, either by God or the world. Proverbs 22:6 says “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

As these concepts of God and his character are being revealed, and parents are making them “real” through illustration and application; God will make Himself known to them. We want this image buried so deep that years later when life gets hard, our kids will ALWAYS know that God loves them and wants them to live the life He has planned for them.

This is not just happening to kids. We hear so many success stories from parents and other adults of how these simple lessons are so meaningful to them. We are convinced that with proper presentation, the message will connect. After all, we are made by God in His own image and we have been hard-wired by Him for His purposes. It’s like returning home, we just need to be reminded how great “home” can and will be.

As these concepts of God and His character are revealed, repetition will lock it in. We want God’s love, God’s view of life, and God’s priority for living to be buried so deep in you that you can’t separate from it. We want people to have these tools in their tool belt and know that God’s tools never wear out, break, rust or become out-dated. We want God to FORGE in them permanent change in a Heavenly direction.

Bottom Line: Family Factory® is Presentation with Purpose!

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