Factory01: 1910 Sycamore View, Memphis, TN 38134
Family Factory is the result of a group of men and women committed to the spiritual well-being of our children. Every Sunday a dozen of so people spend a few hours of prayer, practice and performance to help mold the eternal future of the young people who step through our doors.

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You can also see much our "work" on the Lights, Camera, Action! page.

The Factory opens at 10:00am every Sunday and wraps up around 11:00pm. Except for a few "holidays" (times when we take a break or have other major events planned), we will continue to provide these encouraging lessons for everyone to take advantage. The Factory is open to any and all who would come - so bring friends and make it a part of your weekly routine.

NOTE: We concluded our "season" May 17th, be back online in August...

Family Factory is a WONDERFUL program that brings children and adults together for a shared life lesson based on Biblical truths and Christian morals.

A typical program consists of group singing, a skit, basic Bible-lesson, special video and/or performance, another skit, perhaps a puppet or two, and a special event. Hand-outs are provided and CDs, DVDs and Books are available at cost. We begin a new “virtue” at the start of each month and hit it a different way every week. It’s fast-paced, it’s creative, it’s full of energy and passion - it’s exactly what kids are tuned into right now.

The Factory features adult actors who play the roles of kids. Along with their quirky personalities, these “children” always seem to run into conflict only to have it resolved based on simple Biblical truths. The lights, the bright colors, the quick-hitting skits, the lively songs and the amazing stage and set make this a perfect place to bring your children and invite friends along.

1910 Sycamore View
Memphis, TN, 38134
(inside the gym)

call 901-372-1874 for details or email us at

follow this link for a live Google map to our location.

here's a link to our church website.

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