Family Factory® 101

So, exactly what is Family Factory®? That’s a tough question to answer because it really depends on which part you’re talking about. See, Family Factory® is a Code, a Concept, a Package and a Place.

As a Code, it’s a specific belief system, an original approach and a consistent brand.

As a Concept, it’s an idea that if, at an early age, we can SPARK wonder about God with a creative environment and we can encourage and equip parents to MOLD their children (and themselves) to be more like their Creator, then God will FORGE these virtues in our hearts and be present in our lives for all eternity.

As a Package, it’s a complete, established and custom brand that you are welcome to use royalty-free. The downloadable materials create an instant environment for you to expand or launch your Children’s and Family Ministry programs.

As a Place, it’s a fun, colorful environment for kids and parents to come together and experience the many virtues of God on display in practical, everyday situations.

As with any good factory, Family Factory® has several key “products:”

  1. The impact on kids as they see God fleshed out in real life.
  2. The impact on parents as they receive encouragement and spend intentional time with their kids talking about things that really matter.
  3. The impact on volunteers as they begin to see the difference God is making in them and in the lives of those around them.
  4. The impact on visitors as they walk into a non-threatening and inclusive environment to experience a simple and practical message.

For the glory of God, the Factory really does touch everyone involved.

Please take some time to read through the pages on Code, Concept, Package and Place, then you’ll be ready for the checklist page, “How Can I Start A Factory?” All this knowledge, material and media is being offered to you royalty-free. We believed if we could clearly define this approach and create a unique environment to accompany it, we could share it with others looking to get something started. We wanted to make sure groups of willing and inspired individuals have the tools they need to impact their communities for the cause of Christ. This program is designed for those who work with small budgets, struggle to find volunteers, and lack talent or creativity. It is for you that we offer Family Factory®.

Family Factory® is many things, but we like to sum it up like this – Family Factory® is "Presentation with Purpose™."

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